Windprof catalog

Catalog of advertising and production services.

To the website

Task: transfer a website with a branched directory structure (1000 pages) from ModX Revolution to October CMS, maintaining the link structure, create seo-friendly admin panel, make website redesign in brand colors.

We preserved site structure and color scheme which were familiar to permanent users. The new design is made in the optimistic style of bright leaflets as part of company services.

What's interesting:

- development of a backend widget displaying a resource tree in the ModX style for compact viewing of a large number of child documents,

- development of numerous complex service calculators,

- development of a block content editor - a convenient tool for a detailed description service/product, including text blocks, sliders and galleries of several types, price tables, the ability to include an anchor menu or button,

- implemented software for programmatic export / import of content.