Publishing House KompasGig

KompasGig Publishing House website: bookstore, workshops, news widgets, newsletters.

To the website

Tasks: redesigning the site, developing a new administrative interface, moving the store from the proprietary engine (Ruby), moving the database.

The visual solution is lightweight, minimalistic. We created an attractive showcase of new products, a convenient search for books has been implemented: by author, tags, genres, authors.

Feed widgets for photo and news materials from Instagram and Facebook add dynamics to the main page and at the same time free site administrators from the need to regularly update information in the CMS panel.

CMS: October.

Created together with design4event

In addition to quite usual layouts and features, we implemented:

- bilingual catalog-store with asymmetric language branches and different content for display in them,

- synchronization of the baskets of two sites: the basket sends the customer’s order to the store upon checkout (according to the affiliate program),

- synchronization of goods (books) with the store, the Grabber plug-in was developed to regularly update the list of books and receive prices from a partner in xml-format,

- a plug-in and widget Facebook feed were developed, which allows reposting from 2 facebook pages of the client (Russian and English versions),

- a backend interface for working with the subscriber database has been developed; when subscribing from the site, users are automatically stored in the database, 

- programmatic export / import of content was carried out during site transfer to minimize the "manual" work of site admins.

admin panel October CMS